With the recent phase-out of key Microsoft server products like SQL 2008 and mainstream support for SAP ECC platform ending in 2025, infrastructure decisions need to be made.

At the same time, astute IT leaders are aware of the benefits of moving their business operations to the modern data platform of the cloud. Many businesses have been fast to adopt cloud for non-critical applications but have been nervous about migrating mission-critical SAP applications.

Until now.

Azure cloud has changed the game - delivering speed, stability, automation, scalability, time-to-value, and innovation. Today, cloud is more than just a deployment option, it’s a true enabler of deeply expanded capabilities. You can enjoy the benefits of migrating SAP to Azure cloud such as cost efficiency, agility and flexible scalability, alongside readiness for the new SAP S/4HANA® database.

To make this change, you need a trusted and experienced partner. NTT DATA has been migrating and hosting SAP landscapes for over 30 years, and today we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Data Centre. In fact, we do it so often, we’ve developed our comprehensive NTT DATA Migration Factory specifically to migrate SAP Workloads to Azure.

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Why Azure?

By choosing Microsoft Azure as your SAP ready cloud partner, you are able to reliably run your mission-critical SAP workloads and scenarios on a scalable, compliant, and enterprise-proven platform. Azure brings scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. With the expanded partnership between Microsoft and SAP, you can run SAP applications across dev/test and production scenarios in Azure and be fully supported.


NTT DATA have developed Microsoft Azure automation technology which will provision your SAP landscape within minutes, shut down and start up services, as well as offload SAP data to more cost-effective infrastructure. Coupled with the NTT DATA Migration Factory, we are able to deliver you to the cloud quicker, reduce down time to near zero at 70% less cost and with less risk to your business. In addition let NTT DATA help you navigate through several co-investment funds to get you to the cloud at less upfront cost.

More than 90 per cent of Fortune 500
companies run on Azure, and 92 per cent
of the Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers

power of sap
on azure

Migrating your SAP to Azure cloud delivers your business the following benefits:

  1. Optimise cost efficiencies

    Move from a CapEx to OpEx cost methodology, and drive down costs through pay as you go pricing models for both managed services and cloud consumption.

  2. The agility to prepare for the future

    Imagine having an IT infrastructure that can flex with seasonal business requirements. Achieve greater agility with Azure Virtual Machines, with additional capacity when you need it.

  3. Scale while reducing risk

    Safeguard your SAP platform against unforeseen events with our cutting-edge proven technology. High availability options are a breeze when your ERP system is hosted on Azure.

  4. Gain valuable business intelligence

    Accelerate your business innovation with actionable data on your SAP systems that will improve decision making.


Implementation of SAP on Azure isn’t as lengthy and expensive as you might think. NTT DATA has deep partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, offering a unique, market-leading solution which makes moving to Azure affordable with minimal disruption to the business.

To achieve full optimisation, an organisation could expect to hit key milestones in the following timeline:

  • 1-2 weeks SAP on Azure
    Readiness Assessment
  • 2-4 weeks Azure Platform Design
  • 1-6 months SAP on Azure Migration
    Factory (unique to NTT DATA)
  • 1+ years SAP on Azure Support
  • Continuous SAP on Azure Optimisation


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worth its weight ...

invent with purpose on azure


why change now

Microsoft Azure adoption rates are growing nearly 45% faster than any other hyperscale provider? While tenancy of DC rack space is decreasing each year by over 50%.

Migrating SAP workloads to Azure enables you to transition to S/4HANA while maintaining current operations without the need for locking into costly upfront infrastructure investment or long infrastructure lifecycles.

  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce deployment and lead times
  • Consolidate vendors


More than any other hyperscale, Microsoft Azure offers 85 compliance certifications for SAP ready services. In addition Microsoft also offers the largest sized HANA certified servers making the Azure platform a safe option to accommodate your changing needs.

Organisations are turning toward modernisation of their ERP so that the business, operations and IT can gain valuable information and insights in real-time in the right context.

  • Operational costs are reduced
  • Support costs are reduced
  • Simplified data models
  • Relevancy is maintained

Discover insights

The Microsoft Azure environment provides the building blocks to democratise your SAP data, ingest IoT sensor information, stream customer data from the web, store and provision data in an infinitely scalable manner, and process insights in real-time through AI and advanced analytics, while delivering knowledge ubiquitously to the user.

Azure helps you combine IoT data, streaming data, and web information with SAP’s transactional and operational data so that you can see your business and your customers behaviour in real-time.

  • Insights in customer behaviour
  • Infinitely scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Intuitive business intelligence

Future Business Innovation

NTT DATA invests over $2.5 billion per year in technology research and development and has become a world leader in innovations such as AI & ML, quantum computing, drone technology, blockchain and IoT to name a few.

The digital revolution is driving change quicker than ever before. Organisations are needing new ways to take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves in an ever changing market place. Investment in the right technology is imperative to delivering competitive advantage.

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NTT DATA is a leading service provider for SAP on AZURE.

We offer:

  • Dual-shore SAP on Azure migration factory
  • Proven methodologies developed over 30 years of hosting SAP solutions
  • Automated provisioning to deploy within minutes
  • Automated startup and shut down services to reduce consumption cost
  • Automated data offload solutions to move data to low cost VMs
  • Fixed price engagements
  • NTT DATA and Microsoft co-investment